If you have been detained and or arrested and charged with a crime, it would be advisable that secure the services of defence Attorney at Law to protect your rights. it is also useful to seek advice advice as soon as possible. Individual who are already on probation or serving a suspended sentence should equally seek representation, as a conviction on the present charge would also trigger punishment for the old offense.

Your Defence lawyer’s aim is to ensure that you have a fair trial. To this end we will work with you to present your best case forward. It is important that you are open and honest with us so that we may properly examine and weigh the evidence against you, and advise you of the best defense strategy.

In preparing your Defence, we will seek on your behalf full disclosure of the State’s case, and expose all hidden weaknesses. We will interview all potential witnesses, whilst at the same time search for any other mitigating factors to strengthen your case.

We are prepared to work with you, all the way through the process, from detention, arrest, trial and even at the appeal stage if this becomes necessary.