Seenath Jairam was called to the Trinidad and Tobago Bar in 1977 but worked in private enterprise, mainly in employment/labour law until 1982. Thereafter, he entered private practice. He has held various positions over the years, such as a Director of the Public Transport Corporation, Vice-Chairman of the Trinidad and Tobago Racing Authority, Member of the Medical Panel (to certify foreign doctors as being eligible to practise in Trinidad and Tobago), Associate Tutor of the Hugh Wooding Law School, Law Commissioner from 1998 to present and served with distinction as a High Court Judge for six months in 1997 – appeals from his judgments were upheld by the Court of Appeal.

In 1998 he was appointed SC. He was called to the Bars of Guyana, Grenada, St. Vincent and St. Lucia and has appeared in the High Court and Court of Appeal in those countries, except Guyana. He has also appeared before the Privy Council. He has done several arbitration matters and numerous complicated commercial cases including tax appeals, banking, company and insurance cases. He is considered one of the foremost advocates in employment law/industrial relations in Trinidad and Tobago. He has also done several public law cases (judicial review and constitutional law matters).