Constitutional Law

The Grenada Constitution Protects every persons fundamental rights including the freedom of expression, the right to liberty, the right to a fair trial, and the right to property. We are experienced constitutional and public law lawyers, and are prepared to take all steps to protect any breach of your rights.

Has your property been compulsory acquired? Has compensation been promptly paid? Let us assist and examine the process. We will work with you to ensure that all procedural process was duly complied and and that you receive reasonable compensation.

Public Law

Have you had cause to be concerned by the actions of a Government Department or a Statutory body or Tribunal? Do you feel that your rights were affected by the decisions of any of these bodies? Lets us examine your case, and if appropriate seek remedies for you. Apart from dealing directly with the Administrative Body in question, we are prepared to seek Judicial Review in the Supreme Court.


Darshan Ramdhani QC has considerable experience in Public Law matters having dealt with such matters from all vantage points. As High Court Judge (Ag.) he has presided over and written significant judgments in Planning and Government decision-making matters which were the subject of written judgments. In particular, he dealt with the legality of approval given for ‘Gaming Licences’ related to slot machines to be granted to a company in St. Lucia. See the decision in Treasure Bay. He also dealt with the substantive hearing in the Bass case in St. Kitts and Nevis. These decisions have been widely referred to and in part set the tone for the court’s treatment of such matters. 
Ramdhani QC has also successfully prosecuted and defended such JR claims. 
See the decision is Treasure Bay Casino v The Gaming Authority of St. Lucia and others Civil Claim No. 456 of 2011CLAIM NO. S