About the Law Offices of Ramdhani and Associates

The Law Offices of Ramdhani and Associates began its practice in Guyana in 1999. Apart from being known for vibrant successful practice in Capital Cases at the Criminal Bar, the Law Offices was also specially retained by Government to handle high profile civil litigation and prosecutions.

The Grenada Office is currently headed by Mr Darshan Ramdhani and Ms Sabrita Khan-Ramdhani who both enjoy considerable experience as litigators at both the private and public bars. Ms Khan-Ramdhani is also a Notary Public. Mr Ramdhani has last recently held the post of Solicitor General of Grenada.

The Firm’s Consultant is Seenath Jairam S.C. of the Trinidad and Tobago Bar, who was an Acting High Court Judge in 1997, and is now a member of the Law Reform Commission for the last 14 years. He is also President of the T&T Bar.

Former Guyana Magistrate, Haymant Kumar Ramdhani has returned to private practice and now heads the Guyana Offices of Ramdhani and Associates.